The Difference Between Compostable & Biodegradable

When purchasing a product from our site, you’ll notice we use compostable mailer bags for all of our deliveries. Many of our customers ask us what the difference between biodegradable and compostable is and why compostable is a better solution for the environment. Today we’re going to take a look at the difference between these two types of materials and how easy it is to compost your bags once you’ve received your delivery.


What is Biodegradable?
When something is marked as biodegradable, it means that it will disintegrate when exposed to fungi, bacteria, and other natural processes. Biodegradable materials will break down over time, thanks to natural processes that break the material’s components apart. However, a high number of materials could be labelled as biodegradable if they are given enough time to disintegrate. Of course, materials like plastic take an extremely long time to break down but would eventually disintegrate.
When a mailing bag or another product is marked as biodegradable, it just means that the product won’t sit in a landfill forever. If you are purchasing biodegradable products, try to find out how long they take to break down, as this is what really helps you to understand whether this is an eco-friendly option.
What is Compostable?
Compostable products, such as the mailing bags we use, are an excellent option for the environment. Composting is used to recycle organic waste, which allows materials to be reused in the long run. Compostable products take much less time to break down when compared to biodegradable options, and so compostable mailer bags are the ideal eco-friendly solution for packaging. You can either opt to compost these bags at home or in a commercial facility, depending on your preferences. On top of that, you’ll see that our compostable mailer bags still offer the protection and support you would expect from a regular bag. They are a sturdy and waterproof solution that ensures your products arrive in perfect condition every time.
How Can I Compost My Mailer Bag?
Now that you know the benefits of our compostable mailer bags, we’re sure you want to know how you can compost your packaging once your delivery arrives. Follow these simple steps below to reduce your waste after receiving your delivery:
  • Double check with your local government that compostable bags can be added to your garden waste or food waste first.
  • Add your compostable bags to your home compost heap or bin. We recommend tearing them in half to make the process quicker.
  • Depending on the temperature of your composting system, you’ll find the time it takes for the compostable bags to disintegrate varies. Within 90 days, they should be fully disintegrated, but this can be as short as 30 days in higher temperatures.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at why we choose to use compostable bags for our packaging. As you can see, they are an environmentally-friendly solution that’s a much better choice when compared to traditional or biodegradable packaging products. We encourage everyone who receives a delivery from us to compost their packaging to help minimise their impact on the environment.